The Care & Feeding of Judges

 (A guideline ONLY for show giving clubs and should not in any way be misconstrued to be a contract or set of demands. It simply outlines the answers to those questions that show-giving clubs may have about reasonable standards that judges hope to anticipate when working for your club.)


Wouldn’t it be nice ...

  • If your judges knew that your club has a preference of airports in those areas which are served by more than one major airport? This information should be provided in enough time for your judges to book their travel arrangements.
  • If your judges knew ahead of time the proximity of the airport of arrival to the hotel or show grounds so that they could adjust travel plans accordingly
  • If pickup at the airport was a smooth and painless operation where the person picking you up was clearly identified or carrying a sign with the judge’s name on it,
  • If we were provided with the name of the person who would be picking us up,
  • if in the unlikely event of no one showing up at the airport- an active contact phone number for further instructions was provided.
  • If alternate transportation arrangements are arranged - (rental car, cab shuttle) - the details are set out well in advance so the judge knew exactly what to expect when they arrive at their destination city.
  • If the contact number you have been given by the club isn’t someone who is at the show building setting up.


Wouldn’t it be nice ...

  • If the name, address and contact numbers for the hotel were supplied well in advance so you don’t have to call home immediately on arrival to let them know where you are.
  • If a package containing the name and number of a club contact, judging schedule, morning pick-up information, etc. was left at the desk or in your room for when you checked in, in case the judge’s original copies are in the bag that the airline has conveniently forwarded to a point 8000 km away.
  • If the hotel had a restaurant with convenient hours. It should be open well ahead of the start times for judging and maybe open late for those judges arriving in town on late flights.
  • If the hotel had conveniences like irons and coffee makers in the room and the club let the judge know this ahead of time so we wouldn’t have to haul that stuff across the country with them.
  • If the hotel was in an area where there might be things to do outside of show hours – perhaps a theater or shopping mall or museums or things like that for those who don’t want to spend all their off hours watching TV.
  • If the hotel had things like indoor pools, gyms or fitness facilities and we knew ahead of time so we could pack appropriate clothing.


Wouldn’t it be nice ...

  • That when the club sets up transportation to the show they take into account that most judges won’t want to be there more than 20 to 30 minutes ahead of start time, and that if the start times are staggered, more than one driver may be required depending on the distance from hotel to venue.
  • If when we finish our assignment and it’s early in the day, that someone from the club was ready and available to drive us back to our hotel rather than having to wait 2 or 3 hours for all the other judges to finish.


It would be great ...

  • If all assignments were confirmed in writing as soon as possible after that initial phone call so we could make intelligent decisions on other requests that will inevitably come in soon after. This would also prevent the club being disappointed when they contact us a year later to finalize details only to find out that we have accepted another assignment for those dates because we never heard from them.
  • If all fees and requirements of both the judge and the club were in writing and formalized as soon as possible after the initial contact so that there were no misunderstandings later on.
  • If we knew ahead of time who the club treasurer is and what they expect in the way of receipts for expenses, etc.,
  • If the judge received contact details for the club as soon as possible so that if we have any questions (“Please don’t ask me to do Goldens, they have asked me to do a Specialty one week after and 10 miles away”) we will have someone to contact


And wouldn’t it be great….

  • If the club asked ahead of time if we have any special requests or requirements while you are judging for food, beverage etc.
  • If they didn’t book judges into hotels they wouldn’t stay in themselves, if they check the hotel personally, didn’t just book it by phone
  • If there was a personal greeting from the club either at the desk or in the room when the judge checked in to reassure the judge all is in order
  • If the club was planning any special events or dinners etc. that the club wanted the judge to attend, that they had let us know long before we left home so appropriate plans could be made. Occasionally we have relatives who may wish to visit while we’re in the area.
  • If there were special dress requirements - from formal to picnic – that the club let the judge know well in advance of travel


Thanks for listening!

Again this is intended only as a guideline. The key to making the experience a good one for both judge and club is communication. The more you share with each other in terms of expectations and requirements the better everyone will enjoy the show.

"It is better to strike a match than to curse the darkness."