The CDJA Bursary is designed to aid a student in their quest to further their education beyond secondary school.  The intent is to support post secondary education at a University, College or Technical school level.  

The applicant should be a full time student and enrolled or approved for enrolment at a University, College or Technical school. The applicant would have been involved in the sport of purebred dogs for a minimum of two (2) years, whether it is Conformation or Performance events as sanctioned by the Canadian Kennel Club.  

In addition, the applicant will be expected to provide the following:

1. An academic transcript from previous institution(s) the applicant has attended along with the enrollment or approval letter from the post secondary institution.

2. Two letters of reference reflecting the applicant's worthiness from (i) a teacher or instructor,  (ii) a member of the dog community or an individual who has known the applicant for at least two (2) years. 

3. An essay of 500 words indicating applicant's suitability for the Bursary.  In the essay the applicant should outline their involvement with purebred dogs with an explanaton of how the applicant is a worthy candidate.  Career aspirations and future plans should also be addressed.  

Currently the Bursary is for $1000. Deadline for submission is August 31 in the year of application.  

The Bursary application form can be found by CLICKING HERE

Send completed applications to:

Barbara Heal  - by email at  OR  mail to 3063 Lakehead Road, Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0