Before contacting us to have a seminar or presentation posted, please read the link:
A Letter to Clubs & Exhibitors

For information on upcoming seminars please refer to the Upcoming Seminar page under the Events pull down menu.



Any group or individual holding or sponsoring an event of importance in the field of seminars and education relating to the dog sport are welcome to contact this online publication to have their information posted. To better assist, the following is a guideline of what we require in advance of your Breed presentation and/or Specialty.

  • date, time, location and contact information of Breed seminars and other educational opportunities given by your Club members
  • date, time, location and contact information of any National or Regional Specialties
  • date, time, location and contact information of any Ringside Mentoring
  • sources of Breed specific information such as Illustrated Standards and Breed Standard interpretations

How to use WebEx

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When you open the link to join the meeting that you receive in to your email, there will be two options for you to select: join via app or join via browser.

If you are joing the WebEx meeting from your smartphone OR tablet:

  • You MUST first download the App to access the online meeting from your device(s)

Here is the link to download the WebEx application: CLICK HERE

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