Upcoming Seminars & Ringside Mentoring

On Line seminar schedule for 2019 as follows:

The next on line educational seminar is scheduled for the fall and the line-up to date is as follows:

  • Wednesday February 27 with Dawne Deeley presenting on "One is Not like the Others: Recognizing Correct Breed Type".

  • Wednesday March 6 with Brenda Bookes presenting on the Keeshond at 8:00 pm EDT.

  • Wednesday April 3 with Anne Felske-Jackman presenting on the Rottweiler at 8:00 pm EDT.

  • Wednesday May 1 with Heather Brennan presenting on the three German Pointer breeds at 8:00 pm EDT.

  • Wednesday June 19 with Linda St-Hilaire presenting on the Welsh Springer Spaniel at 8:00 pm EDT.

  • Wednesday September 25 with Dawne Deeley presenting on the Ammerican Staffordshire Terrier at 8:00 pm EDT.

  • Wednesday October 2 with Starr White presenting on  the Saluki at 8:00 pm EDT.

The on-line seminar starts at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

*Presenters are subject to change based on confirmation of availablilty.*

To sign on to the CDJA online seminars - log in to the members section using the member login button on the top right corner of the website - or use the link       http://www.dogjudge.com/index.php/member-login

Your username is your first and last name - all small case and no spaces.  Your password  is usually your kennel name unless you have been assigned or chosen another  password.
IF you cannot sign in select the forgot password button and a new password will be emailed to you. Once you have that password you can change it to anything that you will remember. Once you are signed in - go to the seminar page - you will be able to enter the on-line seminar room from there.
Please note that all usernames and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. This also applies to the auto generated ones when users request a password reset. It is ususally best to copy/paste any new passwords that are auto generated.

Hope you can join us!


Other Seminars


The Vancouver Island Dog Judges Study Group will be holding their annual seminar featuring Herding Breeds on February 22 - 24, 2019
in the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney BC.   Contact is gtownsend@shaw.ca   

See attached flyer .....Sidney_flyer_2019.pdf


GTA CDJA 2019 Toy seminars  
Date ~ Sunday 31 March 2019   Time~ 08:30 – 16:00   Location ~ Royal Canin @ Puslinch, ON
Details: $40 for the day – lunch and breaks provided  Payment: Email funds ($40)  to Pamela Bruce at  gotgame@rogers.com  NO Reservations without payment & Firm 30 participant limit!
* Miniature Pinscher – Steve Walter
* Toy Manchester Terrier – Deanna Bettle
* Chihuahua – Cathleen Cogan Bird & Diane Bell
* Havanese – Paula Martel & Nathan Potechin

Click here for agenda


SouthEastern Ontario Judges Group will be holding a one day seminar in Port Hope Ontario (Fall Fair Centre - 62 McCaul St.) on April 6 at 9:00 am and finish about 3:30- 4:00 pm. Cost is $40 (includes lunch) - pay when you arrive.

Please RVSP to Heather Langfeld - helsdogs@gmail.com - we need to know how many attendees for lunches as these are pre-paid. 

* Pharoah Hound - Brittany Carella
*Azawakh - Deanna Vout
*English Cocker Spaniel - Kerri Brangers
*Pointer - Deanna Ross and Murray Spearin

Click here for agenda


Ringside Mentoring Opportunities

Please check the secretarial service website or CanuckDogs web site for the judging schedule with the appropriate time for judging these breeds.

The Continuing Education Verification Form is attached here for your convenience.