Becoming a Judge

Anyone interested in information pertaining to becoming a CKC Conformation judge is asked to contact the Canadian Kennel Club. Extensive information in provided in their Policy & Procedures Manual - Chapter 7 Judges

An exerpt from the manual: 

Applicant Conformation Judges

1. Eligibility Requirements - New Applicants

  • a) An applicant must be twenty - one (21) years of age or over.
  • b) An applicant must be a member of The Canadian Kennel Club for five (5) consecutive years immediately preceding the application.
  • c) An applicant must have been a resident of Canada during the five (5) year period immediately preceding the application. A resident of Canada as defined by The Canadian Kennel Club By-laws shall mean a person whose principal residence is located in Canada and shall include members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Diplomatic Corps who are stationed outside the country on a temporary basis, as required by their respective duties.
    • (1) Licensed judges who are no longer residents of Canada will continue to enjoy the privileges granted under that license, providing that they meet the requirements as set out in section B, 8.
  • d) An applicant must have a minimum ten (10) years of documented breeding experience in which the applicant must have bred a minimum of four (4) Canadian bred and Canadian Kennel Club registered litters and must have bred and finished six (6) dogs with Canadian Kennel Club conformation championships from a minimum of four (4) litters referred to herein;

    or [Board Motion #24-12-12]

    An applicant must have a minimum fifteen (15) years of documented experience in the sport of purebred dogs.
    This will include, but is not limited to, a minimum of four (4) of the following areas of experience:

i) Involvement in a br eeding program
ii) Handling of a variety of breeds of dogs in shows
iii) Instruction at conformation handling classes
iv) Official position within a club (s) pertaining to the running of conformation shows
v) Involvement in a CKC Committee or Council pertaining to conformation.

  • e) An applicant must be mentored by a Canadian Kennel Club judge who is licensed for all breeds. The applicant’s name and breeds applied for will be published for comment.
  • f) Judges cannot mentor more than two (2) initial applicants each calendar year.
  • g) For the purpose of this provision, a mentor shall be defined as an experienced and trusted adviser. In signing the Application For Initial Conformation Judging Permit, the mentor is agreeing to make himself available for advice and discussions with the applicant throughout the duration of all permit judging assignments.
  • h) An applicant must have a sound background in the breed or breeds for which the applicant is applying, and documented experience in the sport, (breeding, showing, club membership, official positions, etc.).

Additional requirements include fitness and ability to judge, experience (Ring Stewarding, Sanction Matches & Education), written examinations and finally the permit process. For the full policy maunal on judging requirements, please visit the CKC website