Contact Information

226152-80th Street, east, Foothills
Alberta, T1S 3W4

Phone: (403) 938-7604

Cell: (403) 615-9772

E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Wendy Hamilton-Petkau

Kennel Name:

Auburnmist Reg.

Showing/Breeding Since:


Breeds Bred:

Golden Retriever

Breeds Owned & Exhibited:

Golden Retriever

Judging Since:



Group 1: Yes

Group 2: No

Group 3: Yes

Group 4: Permit

Group 5: Yes

Group 6: No

Group 7: No

Best in Show: Yes

Licensed Breeds:

Schnauzer (Mini), Affenpinscher, American Eskimo (Toy),

Permit Breeds:

Airedale Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Border Terrier, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Cesky Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Miniature Bull Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier , it) Wire Fox Terrier,

Additional Judging Information:

I am not willing to judge Rare Breed Shows

Seminars & Presentations:

The Golden Retriever - Type, Movement, Understanding the standard, Understanding Dog Behaviour